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Custom Seat Design

We are individual

We believe in individuality and creative freedom. We enjoy the details and accuracy, bringing your design and vision to life using the latest in the automotive industries technology.

The details matter

Material cut with digital precision, and professional workmanship are matched ensuring precision in our work. Our quality is proven in our 30 years experience being the choice of manufacturers for development work.


As a development partner to car manufacturers, we have conducted tests in the areas of material safety and quality directly with manufacturers. Our products meet the most demanding quality criteria, as set by the second biggest vehicle manufacturer in the world (VW), our products are TUV tested and certified.

State-of-the-art technology and professional workforce.

Our experienced development team brings unique products to market, with the help of state-of-the-art technology. It is this partnership of the latest technology and professional experienced staff that breathes life into your design.

Our design collections have constantly evolved with current trends.

Determining trends means understanding people and their desires and needs today. For nearly three decades, we have been giving our customers the opportunity to realise their ideas and be ‘Individual’.

Create your own individual design

Join a fantastic world of details and materials made with absolute precision ensuring they fit exact. We bring you over 7500 digitalised cuts from Audi through to Volvo; for Cars, Vans and Trucks.


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